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Автомобили класса люкс в Марбелье

Наш флот

We have the best deluxe car fleet, and it could be for high-level executives, or to enjoy the best sites in Marbella with style.

We offer the best car brands in the world, such as Mercedes-Benz, Феррари, Порше, Lamborghini, Бентли, Астон Мартин, and Bugatti. We have around 11 различные модели для любого случая.

Мы заботимся о мелких деталей, потому что мы хотим наслаждаться удовольствие от вождения автомобилей класса люкс. Each car has soft seats; excellent specifications, and a perfect environment.

Mercedes Benz


Она имеет изысканный интерьер, with a sporting spirit. Насладитесь комфортной езды по всей Коста дель Соль с этот кабриолет и небо на вашей стороне.

Mercedes Benz


It is one of the most outstanding all-terrain because it is very comfortable behind the wheel, and for the exceptional V8 engine. It is perfect for the mountain or the city.


430 Scuderia

Михаэль Шумахер издание

The aerodynamic design and the many horsepowers, allows you to feel that you are on a race track. Enjoy the car that Michael Schumacher himself designed for you.


911 Ограниченное издание

Simple to drive, many horsepowers and sports styles are the main attributes of this car. Perfect to appear with elegance to the club, a restaurant or a meeting.


918 Spyder

It is possible to make driving an incredible experience. The 918 Spyder has the best performance and electronic control system of this brand, keeping the racing car image.


Cayenne и Макан

They are perfect for a long ride with the family, going to the beach or shopping in the mall. Sports aesthetics, luxury features, and comfort will make you feel that you are part of them.


С Луноцветом МИУРА

The limited car edition for the 50 years of Lamborghini, is perfect to surprise everyone in an important event. We could say that this model is one of the most luxurious of the brand.


Летучая мышь

It is the most recognized car model in the world. It has scissor doors, a V12 engine, and an electronic system for the best experience. Only the feeling of the car door is unique.


Континентальный GTC

The interior is made to provide the best environment for the driver. The analog indicators, rotating display of the dashboard and being convertible, give a luxurious and safe environment for everyone inside of it.

Астон Мартин

Победить GT

It is the best British brand and represents the elegance of the driver. It is perfect to have dinner with your couple in the best restaurant in the city.


Chiron 2018

If you want to try the luxury at its best, you need to drive a Bugatti Chiron. With 1500 лошадиных сил, this car can reach 420 км / h, but we do not recommend exceeding the limit allowed on the streets or highways.

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