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In the most luxurious city of Spain Marbella, we have a fleet of dream cars within reach of a few, but that can change for you.

Your Luxury Cars‎

A gift for your Senses, you have the opportunity to drive one of our cars, enjoy it now…

Luxury Car Rent Marbella

We currently have 11 exclusive car models, which you can use whenever you want. Make your reservation without compromise, and we will contact you.

Luxury car rent Marbella is a company that cares about the comfort of its customers, and you can have the peace of mind of our experience and do not hesitate to place your trust in us. We have offices at the Malaga airport, in Puerto Banús in the city of Marbella, and also in the line of conception, not counting the many delivery or collection points that you can use throughout the Costa del Sol. If you want to enjoy one of our cars, and have an exclusive day in Marbella, from Marbella to Estepona, even Gibraltar; You just found the best option.

Luxury car in Marbella

Our fleet

[tp lang="en" not_in="es"]Whatever the occasion, we have the right car to be the center of attention. Just enter to see our car selection just for you and make your reservation.[/tp][tp lang="es" not_in="en,de,fr,ar,ru"]Cualquiera que sea la ocasión, tenemos el coche indicado para usar y ser el centro de las miradas, solo entra para ver nuestra selección de coches solo para usted, y haga su reserva.[/tp]

Living in Marbella

What to see in Marbella

[tp lang="en" not_in="es"]Marbella one of the most luxurious cities and in summer is another city. We will show you the most exclusive main places that will be of interest.[/tp][tp lang="es" not_in="en,de,fr,ar,ru"]Marbella una de las ciudades más lujosas, una ciudad que en verano se transforma. Te mostraremos los principales lugares más exclusivos que serán de tu interés.[/tp]

All Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus things to do

[tp lang="en" not_in="es"]Meeting place for VIP people who want to be seen, there are the most exclusive brands; many restaurants and the busiest nights of Costa del Sol. It certainly does not leave you indifferent Puerto Banus.[/tp][tp lang="es" not_in="en,de,fr,ar,ru"]Lugar de encuentro de gente VIP que quiere dejarse ver, las marcas más exclusivas están aquí, con diferentes tipos de restaurantes, las noches más movidas, sin duda no te deja indiferente Puerto Banus.[/tp]

Other rentals

Rent a Car Marbella

[tp lang="en" not_in="es"]We have an additional service for our customers, who are looking for other cars or want more options to decide. Rent a Car Marbella, is the best option to rent a vehicle in Marbella or from Malaga airport.[/tp][tp lang="es" not_in="en,de,fr,ar,ru"]Tenemos un servicio adicional para clientes que estén buscando otro tipo de autos, o quieran más opciones para elegir. Rent a Car Marbella, es la mejor opción para alquilar un vehículo en Marbella o desde el aeropuerto de Málaga.[/tp]

List of services

Our services

  • Quick bookings
  • Hotel Delivery
  • Aditional driver
  • Auto Status Reports
  • Roadside assistance
  • Delivery out of schedule
  • Picked up after hours
  • See the extras
  • With our insurance
  • And of course with franchise

We care about our customers. If you need advice or advise, we will be here to help.

Any service or extra you need can be done from the web because Luxury Car Rent Marbella is a brand of Marbella Rent a Car.
A unique feeling in life, an unforgettable experience, do not miss this opportunity.
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▷ Luxury Car Rent Marbella - ✅ - Enjoy a spectacular and luxurious experience with our cars you will not regret giving it to yourself you deserve it.
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