Terms and conditions for booking and rental

Next, we will explain all the terms and conditions before requesting any of our vehicles in our fleet. As a car rental company, we recommend all our users to read all the information in detail, to avoid any penalty for non-compliance with these regulations and to be able to offer you first-class service. If you have a doubt, ask our staff.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions for the reservation a, use and rental of our vehicles, we recommend that you avoid using this service or our website.

Conditions and requirements for the reservation

For us, the customers must know how the reservation procedure will be and what are the requirements to make one. The main conditions to reserve a vehicle are:

  1. Be over 25 years old. (charge of 25 to 30 years for young driver € 30 / day)
  2. Have an identity document (ID) or an updated passport.
  3. Have an updated and compatible driver’s license in Europe.
  4. Provide us updated, complete, and legitimate information.
  5. Identify the persons who will have the advantage to drive the vehicle.
  6. Make the deposits and payments in the established time.
  7. Provide a valid 2 credit card numbers.
  8. All with Franchise, there is no option to All Inclusive insurance

Terms and Conditions

The reservation of vehicles is a responsibility that the client obtains with us as a luxury car rental company. Every vehicle reservation with Luxury car rent Marbella has specific conditions, which are:

  1. All reservations are for any vehicle that is in our fleet.
  2. If you request the reservation from this website, you will have to wait for our contact to inform you of the conditions and establish the payment method.
  3. If you wish to reserve or cancel a reservation, you can contact us by phone, email or by using the contact form our website. Our offices are at your disposal, so we can help you with any questions you may have.
  4. If the client wishes to cancel and obtain a 100% refund, he must cancel it four days or 96 hours after. Otherwise, the return will be the percentage established in the contract.
  5. If the customer is under 25, a daily overcharge will be made depending on the vehicle or contract.
  6. You may not use our image or information for your benefit without our authorization.
  7. All prices are different, and it depends on the type of vehicle you purchase.
  8. The delivery time can be modified if there is a valid reason why. If you are late at the delivery of the car, you will have an additional charge on your credit card.
  9. Follow the traffic rules, because you will be responsible for the economic penalties that may apply, and will have a charge on your credit card.
  10. Reservations must be 100% materialized, at least 48 hours before the contracted service.

Terms and conditions for rental and use

We are a company committed to providing the best service to our customers, avoiding any accidents, misunderstandings, and failures in the regulations for the use of vehicles. That is why we carry out rules for using our cars, which is:

  1. The time and date of delivery of the vehicle are already in the reservation.
  2. The vehicle must return with the same quantity of fuel; otherwise, an additional fee will apply.
  3. If the customer returns the vehicle with more fuel, no refunds apply for an extra.
  4. Deliveries and reception of vehicles will be subject to the schedule set in the contract. You can ask for non-commercial hours with an additional fee.
  5. If the customer needs to deliver the vehicle outside these office hours, additional fees may apply.
  6. There will be 25 minutes of tolerance for delays, and if this exceeds that time, extra fees may apply.
  7. It is forbidden to use any of our vehicles in circuits or spaces destined for racing, without consulting with us
  8. Daily mileage cannot exceed 150 km per day. Each extra Km will have an additional cost of € 5.
  9. If there is more than one driver,  you must communicate that to the company, and other fees will apply for each driver.
  10. You must not drive on unauthorized roads for the transit of vehicles.
  11. You need to avoid the situations that place the car integrity and that of others at risk.
  12. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited.
  13. You cannot smoke inside the vehicle
  14. It is not allowed to drive the car outside of Spain without consulting us.
  15. Credit card requirement: you will need more than one credit card according to the vehicle.
  16. Check on the web or at the counter the deposit of each vehicle.
  17. Check the Franchise at the counter, this amount will be refunded if there is no anomaly in the delivery of the vehicle.

Other considerations

There are negative and complicated situations in which a customer can be involved making use of one of our vehicles, that is why, all the circumstances that can happen, will be clarified in this section.

  1. If the client suffers a traffic accident, he must be notified instantly to our contact number and to the authorities, to take over and proceed according to the law.
  2. If the vehicle is damaged, you must wait for instructions from our staff.
  3. If you were the victim of a robbery, you should contact us and the authorities, but could be not offered a courtesy vehicle.

Return and condition of the vehicle

  1. The vehicle has a document that should be analyzed, showing all the features, details, and deficiencies.
  2. At the time of the return, it must be in the same conditions as when it was delivered.
  3. There is a document describing all the instruments that the vehicle has inside for emergencies. It has to be analyzed with our staff.
  4. Periodic reviews of oils and coolant are critical and are not your responsibility. Do not try to make any change of oil, brake fluid, etc. Only fill the fuel tank
  5. If the vehicle sustains any modification or repair that you have wanted to do, this may generate an extra cost.
  6. The vehicle must be clean at the time of delivery.
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